Scaling Social Commerce with a Social Native Mindset

A talk by Kunle Campbell
Podcast Host, Acquisition Entrepreneur, Advisor, Speaker, 2x eCommerce

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About this talk

In this talk, Kunle is going to discuss, about how to go beyond launching products that turn out to be a social media fad, by transcending to creating a long lasting meaningful brand that dominates social media. He will cover,

• The anatomy of social native brands • How best-in-class social native brands build an intricate infrastructure of influencers • Tiers of influencers • IGC vs UGC • 'Pay to Play' • Leveraging IGC for Performance Marketing • Leveraging native content for performance marketing • TikTok's impact on social and beyond • It is a talk you do not want to miss, so sign up!

Kunle Campbell

Kunle is an eCommerce advisor, international speaker, and host of the 2X eCommerce Podcast. He coaches eCommerce and retail teams with 'growth roadmap plans' that focus on unlocking growth through acquisition, retention, and experience delivery. Kunle has interviewed over 250 DTC ecommerce leaders.

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