Visual Merchandising to Turbo Charge your Conversion Rates

A talk by Taylor Daniel
President, Merchandise Planning, FOMO Agency

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The art of Visual Merchandising shows off your merchandise at its very best with the end goal of making a sale, whether now or in the future. It is the eye-catching impact that waves to your customers saying "HEY - YOU WANT TO SHOP HERE."

It is a combination of products, models, or mannequins, graphics, signage, texture, color, lighting, and message. Your Visual Merchandising Strategy is the crossroads between product design and marketing, and determines your next 12 months of visual displays to tell your seasonal stories and drive important business metrics like traffic, conversion, and brand loyalty.

Historically, visual merchandising has been thought of as just window displays and mannequins inside brick & mortar department stores. However, in today's digital retail landscape, we must also digitally transform our presentation strategies.

So, how do online retailers leverage visual merchandising tactics when their storefronts aren't physical but exist only virtually amongst more competition than ever?

For many ecommerce stores and startup brands, "social media" is managed by a social media manager or marketing department. There is a marketing strategy, there is probably even a content strategy, but many ecommerce brands are missing a visual merchandising strategy altogether.

As consumers are now shopping from their phones and tablets more often than not, editorial product photography, video of goods in action, and interactive virtual reality try-on become the pillars of visual merchandising for ecommerce retailers.

In this session, we'll dive into the four main types of product presentations (One-Item Display, Line-Of-Goods Display, Related-Goods Display, and Variety Display) in physical stores and how ecommerce brands can use these tactics to WOW their passersby and convert them into loyal brand advocates desperate to see - and buy - your latest products.

Taylor Daniel

FOMO agency is a group of passionate retail merchandising consultants who love helping small businesses grow. Their team has +21 years of experience helping brands analyze trends and adopt best practices in their merchandising strategies and presentation standards. FOMO Agency's merchandising advisors work collaboratively as a cross-functional extension of your team to define: (1) Performance Analysis, (2) Merchandise Planning, and (3) Visual Merchandising for online fashion stores.

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